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Tribe Green Rising

A Regenerative Awareness Project: Seeding Change, Growing Health


Thoughts on TRIBE...

"Before there was a self, there was the Tribe.

True tribes shuck off labels, resist easy slotting with an index. They're instinctual, constantly shape-shifting, drafters of their own fates. Whether rabble-rousers or quiet meditators, crusaders on a mission or proclaimers of unexpected beauty, they are family: individuals who choose to become one, and make of that communion the beginnings of a new world."

-Ligaya Mishan, "What is a Tribe?"

We currently live in such a divisive world. I believe one of the most important things we can do as the collective HUMAN TRIBE is to reconnect with one another and with nature with the goal of healing past traumas and a history of pain. Everything is on the line now, and time is of the essence. The only way to a more beautiful future is to join together 

Image by Daan Stevens

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