So Glad You're Here!

This blog is the result of my undying passion for the health, wellbeing, and vibrancy of Nature (and thus all beings, including ourselves). The current industrial, reductionist mindset of humans has all but destroyed Nature. Through mechanistic ways of viewing and extracting from the planet, we are committing planet-wide ecocide--not only destroying Nature, but also ourselves in the process. The idea of this blog is to explore new perspectives and ways of thinking, hopefully helping to inspire a new view of Nature and our place within it!

Disclaimer: I will strive to include varying viewpoints and perspectives; however, I am human and I will mess up; I will miss things. I will not be perfect, but perfection is not the goal because otherwise no one would ever do anything. My goal is to explore different ways of thinking, challenge the status quo, and inspire hope and meaning for what is increasingly looking like a very bleak future. I know that hope is something I personally need! Thank you for being here!

Image by Greg & Lois Nunes